strategic recruiting partner for Fortune 500 and Venture Capital backed high tech companies.

MSO Technology Sources and Recruits Top Management and Executive Level Talent for Semiconductor, Microelectronic, Optoelectronic, Electronic Component, Foundries, Material, LED, Microwave, Solar, Photonic, Software, Hardware, EDA, Packaging, IP, Testing, Capital Equipment, RF, Fabless, Design, and Manufacturer Sales Rep and Distributor Companies.

Candidate Quality

The candidates we locate, recruit, and submit to our customers are directly sourced from competitor companies and will not come from other sources. We have a 100% success record on all retained searches as compared to the search firm industry average of 72%.

Speed to Completion

Through 20 years of industry, market, and employer research we are able to efficiently tap into tens of thousands of passive job seekers who are unaware of open jobs. Our average time-to-fill is a remarkable 39 days as compared to the industry average of 102 days.

Competitive Pricing

Our non-traditional fee structure saves thousands of dollars and merges the benefits of retained and contingency. The end result is a below average fee without the restrictive recruiting and pricing terms and conditions found in most search firm fee agreements.

Employer Information

We are proficient at directly sourcing and recruiting passive job seekers directly from competitor companies within the technology sector. We recruit senior, management, and executive level candidates in all functions for regular full-time positions including sales, marketing, finance, operations, HR, engineering, applications, software, materials, and manufacturing. The candidates we submit will not come from any other recruiting source.

Value Proposition

We have accumulated detailed specifications on over 4,000 companies and over 80,000 employees. We know where to quickly locate and directly source candidates based on a company's specific technology and products. As hiring managers know, direct competitors always make for the most desirable candidates.

Candidate Information

Professional headhunters are agents and can offer a tremendous advantage to active or passive job seekers due to the direct relationships they have with top employers. As a direct link between candidates and hiring managers we get things done, including speeding up the job search lifecycle and maximizing job offer terms. Headhunters have insight into new, hidden, and confidential job openings and opportunities not found on job boards and recruiting sites.